5.14.18 – FFA CF

CrossFit Lacertus – CrossFit

Pre-Class Mobility

T-Spine Extension on Foam Roller

Hip Flexion Stretch (30 secs – 1min per leg)

KB Ankle Dorsiflexion Stretch (1 min/ankle)

Banded Front Rack Stretch (1:00)

Stretch Calves (30 sec)


3 Rounds:

Light Sled Push (D&B) 45/25

15 Bicycle Kicks (2 ct)

5 Burpees

Paused Front Squat (5×3)

Take 15 mins to warm up and perform 5×3 paused front squats increasing load each set. 3 second pause at the bottom of each squat.

*Novice athletes keep weight light to moderate.*


4 Turf Lengths of Plank Walks

Metcon (Time)

4 RFT:

400m Row (300m Run)

20 Jumping Squats 45/35

15 Clapping Push Ups
Scale Options:

25 Back Squats 45/35 (Med. Ball Squats)

20 Push Ups (HRPU)

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