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Step 1

No Sweat Intro/Sweat Intro

Before getting started with CrossFit and investing money, we would like to offer you a free intro class so that you can try before you buy. During the No Sweat Intro, we will learn a bit more about you and your goals, and you will learn about our coaches, what CrossFit is and is not, and what will occur should you decide to join us again.

After this discussion, you will be introduced to a CrossFit workout of the day (WOD) by mastering some basic movements and then completing an introductory workout.

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Step 2

Learn the basics through One-on-One Training

Depending on your fitness level and/or our coaches’ recommendation, a few one-on-one sessions may be required to safely start your CrossFit journey. Most of our newbies typically sign up for 2-4 one-on-one sessions to help them feel less unsure and/or intimidated by our regular CrossFit group classes. Our One-on-One training sessions provide a more hands-on (and slower paced) introduction to the world of functional fitness. You will learn the basics of all movements, to help you feel more comfortable and prepared to join our regular CrossFit classes. The intro classes are critical to ensuring your safety and preparedness for your CrossFit journey.
Step 3

CrossFit Group Class

In the group classes you will employ all of the skills mastered through the One-on-One sessions. The CrossFit group classes are described in more detail on the programs pages.

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